31 January 2020


Analysis paralysis: The condition when decision making is postponed until the information is complete and/or consistent. In the real world information is rarely complete and/or consistent.

Belief: A phenomenon that is assumed to be true. The origin of a belief may stem from a combination of facts, misinformation, and/or disinformation.

Data: Measurements of an observable phenomenon. Singular form: datum

Fact/Matter of fact/Statement of fact: An observable phenomenon that can be independently verified.

Hypothesis: An idea, a proposition. A hypothesis does not assume truth. Where the idea comes from -- an observation, logic, an illusion, a dream -- does not matter. It does form the basis of reasoning.

Opinion: A judgement based on beliefs and preferences.

Preference: A favoured choice. The origin of a preference may be known or not. Values are preferences.

Truth: A term usually avoided by scientists because of the inherently provisional nature of scientific facts. See: Fact